Nassim Road is a quiet street that’s less than a mile long. Surrounded by the dense foliage of trees, the road is the most exclusive and expensive neighbourhood in Singapore, housing many of the world’s wealthiest elites.

Many of Nassim Road’s wealthiest families live in mansions called “Good Class Bungalows” (GCB) —known famously in the property market as the most coveted housing in Singapore. Good class bungalows are only found in certain areas, require a minimum land area of 15,00 sq ft, and are multi-generational homes. The island only has a limited number of such properties, making them a status symbol reserved only for a select circle of ultra-wealthy residents.

Nassim Road can be compared to Beverly Hills, a brand name in real estate. According to Bruce Lye, the co-founder of Singapore Realtors Inc., “The Nassim address commands a big premium.” Owning a Good Class Bungalow also means that you own a piece of land that can be passed down for generations. 

Currently, publicly-listed GCBs are at sky-high prices, with the cheapest being US$45 million and the most expensive being US$72 million. The most expensive home that was ever resold was a GCB that fetched a US$170 million price tag in 2019. According to various property news outlets, the rumoured buyer was Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin.

But there are also half a dozen low-rise luxury condominiums snuggled among GCBs. Condominium developments here include the 39-unit Nassim Jade, the 30-unit Beaufort on Nassim, the 100-unit Nassim Park Residences, and the 33-unit Sage. These bespoke developments are located nearer to Tanglin Road, at the south-east end of Nassim Road. According to the latest property news by EdgeProp Singapore, there are only a limited number of 231 condo units in Nassim Road in total.

Although less expensive and extravagant than the bungalows, these condominiums still target property investors with deep pockets and covet the prestigious Nassim Road address. In November 2020, a five-bedroom penthouse unit at Nassim Jade was sold for a whopping $11.7 million or $2,323 psf. Nassim Jade is a freehold development that was completed in 1997. It has 39 condo units spread across four storeys. Homes in Nassim Jade are spacious and luxurious, with residents choosing between a three-bedroom unit sized at 1,841 sq ft or a four-bedroom unit that ranges from 2,325 sq ft to 3,455 sq ft. 

Nassim Road is such a prestigious residential area mainly because of its secluded location that allows residents to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, its massively sized lots, and the fact that it’s a short street that can only hold a limited number of homes.

Real estate veteran Bryce Lye told Business Insider that “a piece of land in Nassim is synonymous to fine art or wine.” Prices of homes in this little street keep reaching new highs all the time. Many of its residents are ultra-wealthy Singaporean locals, expatriates, foreign communities, and the nouveau riche.

Nassim Road is dubbed the “crème de la crème” in the real estate market because it’s also known as the embassy row. It’s lined with numerous embassies such as the Embassy of The Republic of Philippines, The Embassy of Japan, and the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

Nassim Road is also close to the Orchard shopping belt, Singapore’s most famous shopping and lifestyle destination. This area has easy access to shopping centres such as ION Orchard, Wheelock Place, and Paragon Ngee Ann City.

Despite being close to the commercial landmark, Nassim Road remains a quiet road with homes obscured by the dense foliage of trees. While it’s the most expensive street, there’s no clear display of opulence right away. A bulk of the extravagantly priced homes are hidden from view by trees, walls, and high fences.

It can also be said that Nassim Road’s tranquil atmosphere is also because fewer residents live in this area than other neighbourhoods in prime districts. As a result, many homes here are empty and unoccupied. According to real estate broker Bruce Lye, the vacant homes result from buyers “land banking.” In other terms, many of the homeowners here are simply property investors who are currently holding the property, intending to sell it later in the future to earn a profit, and they do not necessarily live in them.

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