When choosing a home, it is necessary to analyse many factors and the main one is location. What real estate to choose for a comfortable life – new buildings in the Tengah Town, an apartment in a residential area or accommodation in the suburbs? Each of the options has its advantages; however, real estate in Tengah Town is out of competition. Consider the main advantages of an apartment in new houses in Tengah Garden walk and why it is so attracted to potential investors.

New buildings in Tengah Town– appreciate personal time!

Only living in a residential complex in Tengah town will allow you to fully enjoy all the benefits of the capital. Having time everywhere and not spending a large amount of time on the road is the key to a bright, active, full life. Gatherings with friends, business meetings, rest with loved ones, shopping trips, visiting various cultural places will not take too much time on the road, because all the best infrastructure of the city is located in Tengah Town, next to your residential complex.

Apartment in Tengah Town, the main advantages

  1. Profitable investment. Buying an apartment in Tengah Garden walk is a successful investment. Such real estate does not lose in price, prestige and convenience of living.
  2. Infrastructure. Residential complex in Tengah Town is the proximity of the best capital’s cultural, social, entertainment, shopping, and business infrastructure.
  3. Transport accessibility. Provides convenience of logistics anywhere in Singapore.
  4. Cultural environment. The central location provides in the vicinity of the residential complex many objects and monuments of architecture, culture, history. Elite environment everywhere is unique and inherent only for residential complexes in Tengah Garden.
  5. Quality of construction. In Tengah Garden, high-end housing is being built, with the use of advanced technologies, certified materials, modern engineering solutions.
  6. Own infrastructure. New houses in Tengah Garden walk offer potential buyers additional components for the comfort of living – parking, closed protected area, concierge service, recreation and walking areas, commercial areas for shops, cafes, salons on the first floors of the residential complex.
  7. Planning. Atypical projects of planning apartments of a large area according to their own design developments guarantee the functionality and convenience of each square meter.
  8. Appearance. The original recognizable appearance of new buildings is created by unique architectural solutions and processing with natural materials that emphasize the status of the residential complex.
  9. Conceptual solutions. New buildings in Tengah garden Walk offer unique solutions for the convenience of residents – public space on the upper floors of buildings, not only apartments, but also penthouses, non-standard layouts, personal terraces.
  10. Quality of life. All of the above points form the maximum level of personal comfort, ease of living and high quality of life in a new building in the city centre.

Tengah EC – the best apartments in Tengah Garden Walk

All of the above is perfectly matched by Tengah Garden Residences in the centre of Tengah town. The developer has created a unique architectural object with an excellent location in Singapore’s cultural and business district.

tengah ec

The new building meets the highest standards of construction, has its own infrastructure, thoughtful apartment layouts. A characteristic feature of the complex are the terraces on the upper floors, which offer incredible views of the city centre. Favourable conditions for purchase – the sale of housing in instalments, make the dream of living in the centre of Tengah town quite real. Contact the sales department, managers will tell in detail about the profitable purchase of an apartment in the central district of the capital.

Residential complex “Tengah EC” is your ideal apartment in the central district of Kiev!

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